Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Open House

This is the flyer for my entry into the Christmas Open House show 2010 which comprises of the cuff of a pair of hand knitted gloves, a belt and a necklace.

I'm using these images to practice blogging and will move onto C&G samples as I progress. So far so good!

The Open Houses happen twice a year - in May during the Brighton Festival and again at Christmas. I've decided to continue with the latter only, to give me enough time me to work on the Distant Stitch modules. I tend to work on the C&G work during the day and then the knitted or crocheted gloves/belts/jewellery in the evenings for relaxation when the light is less good. I love making gloves with decorative cuffs and design these according to the materials and colours i have at the start.
The show went well this year and I sold enough items to pay for my next module and lots to spare. Very pleased. A good year for selling gloves in the cold weather!
Scroll down for some more examples

This is a belt with a crocheted motif worked in metallic thread which has been mounted on a crocheted belt with a ribbon backing.
My favourite [ I had my eye on it for myself] but sold early in the show!

An image incorporating cuffs of gloves and necklaces

Gloves and corsages

Gloves, bags, belts etc