Thursday, 19 December 2013

Chapter 5. Cord making.

This chapter took us through the making of cords using fabric and threads plus a wonderful range of diverse materials in our colour scheme [in my case turquoise and red / orange].

The chapter is divided into 3 sections:

A. Machine stitched cords

B. Twisted cords

C. Knotted, plaited, wrapped methods

 Machine stitched cords

I selected a variety of core materials and contrasting threads to make the machine stitched cords:


I love the effect of the cords together en masse, a wonderful array of contrasting colours and textures:


Twisted cord experiments:


Knotted, plaited and wrapped cords which I found very challenging, I found it helped me to draw the knotting processes. Wonderful effects achieved with the juxtaposition of colour and texture:


The Turks Head Knot. Really challenging but the results are so rewarding:


Plaited cords. It’s fascinating to learn how different materials can bring such diverse effects:


Wrapped cords:


This was a fascinating chapter and, other than the machine stitched cords, many of the techniques were new to me and therefore time consuming as I found some of the workings very challenging. I was pleased to have the  opportunity to learn how to create many beautiful effects using the juxtaposition of colour and texture.