Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chapter 4 Design with Stitchery

In this chapter we have to decorate our dyed fabrics with stitchery both by hand and machine.

I’ve documented my work on my sketchbook pages and so they are posted here.


Hand stitchery:

I used a piece of random dyed velvet and threads for my hand stitched sample and felt instantly mesmerised by the colour combinations and the blending / vibrancy I could achieve.

This is new to me so I feel very pleased with this result!


Machine stitchery:

I worked a lot of small spiral patterns using a range of free machine  stitching techniques:


The back of the work is also  beautiful:


Bigger spirals shapes using free machine embroidery techniques and experiments with trapping threads, couching and the combination of hand and machine stitching:


And the back:


I’ve been experimenting with dried flower petals and tried arranging them in a spiral shape, bonding them to fabric and then adding free machine stitching. I decided to leave the thread between stitching as it reminds me of the Golden Section [Fibonacci] and gave a stronger spiral effect!


Further experiments with dried petals [this time roses] :


I’m very pleased with this chapter and have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to play with colour and love the seemingly endless possibilities of working with spiral patterns which are emerging as I work through the module………