Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Chapter 1 continued

This is a small collection of items collected to represent texture in landscape, here they are in colour and black and white. I thought it would be fun to texturize them too!

ch 1ach 1a bwch 1a bw br

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Module Five Chapter 1


The first task for this fascinating module is to make a collection of textured items and / or photographs of textured surfaces in landscapes.

The topic is huge so I’ve decided to select a particular aspect of textures in landscape and concentrate on hedgerows and ditches. I love cow parsley which can be seen along the hedgerows and ditches on the Somerset Levels in early summer and I have spent many a happy hour looking at and photographing these beautiful, fairy like wild plants. I was born and spent my childhood on a farm near Wedmore in Somerset, which is actually above sea level, but spent a lot of time  either helping my father herd the cattle between pastures or riding my bike across the moors.

Ivy is another favourite plant and I have this in abundance along the hedge in my town garden in Brighton and sprawling wild in wild abandon along ditches and hedgerows on my allotment which serves as my bit of ‘countryside’ in the city. It’s beautiful!

I’ve used photos, some of which I took sometime ago when the cow parsley was in flower  and others for which I’ve set out on a special trip in search of hedgerows and ditches which I feel fit the bill!

I have then downloaded them onto the computer and found ways to create beautiful and interesting textures. Sian suggested we work in black and white to accentuate textural qualities of the images.

Sample 1

Ivy, stick and undergrowth:

The first is a simple black and white image which has then been rotated 90 degrees to give a different slant on it. The 3rd is the result of photoshop using the filter icon and scrolling down to sketch and then to bas relief.

Hedgerow 1 copy

Sample 2:

Seed heads in a hedgerow.

1.Black and white first and 2.filtered with the texturiser tool 3.  filter and photocopy tools plus an adjustment of brightness and contrast.

hedgerow 2 copy

Sample 3

Ivy in hedgerow [ one of my favourites]

1. black and white image 2. Filter tool and texturizer plus adjustment of  brightness and contrast 3. The filter icon, sketch and photocopy tools

hedgerow 3 copy

Sample 4

Cow parsley

1. Black and white only 2. filter icon and texturizer 3. Filter tool and graphic pen and 4. filter tool and charcoal

hedgerow 4 copy

Sample 4b

Cow parsley

1. Black and white and 2. filter and stylise  and find edges tools

hedgerow12 copy

Sample five:

Ivy clad ditch

1. black and white 2. filter and texturizer and 3. Filter and photocopy tools.

hedgerow7 copy

Sample 6

Ivy berries

1. Black and white 2. Filter, texturizer and photocopy tools and 3. Filter and bas relief tools

hedgerow6 copy

Sample 7

Ivy roots

1. black and white 2. image rotated 90 degrees to add a different dimension and 3. filter, stylise and find edges tools

hedgerow 9 copy

Sample 8


1. Black and white 2. image rotated 90 degrees and 3. Filter, bas relief tools plus brightness and contrast adjustment

hedgerow10 copy

Sample 9

Fern and ivy

1. Black and white 2. Filter and find edges tool

hedgerow11 copy

I’m particularly pleased with the textural effects especially the photocopy tool and the bas relief effect. The texturizer was pleasing but not very clearly defined.

I have some items to add to this blog but they will be added tomorrow – right out of time now!