Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Chapter 12. Research three artists

In this chapter we have to research and gather images of three artists. These are Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer; Deirdre Hawken, Hat Maker and an artist of our choice. I’ve chosen Sarah Lawrence, Textile Artist and tutor.

Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer

summarysummary 2

The exhibition brochure and leaflet:


images 22images3

The contents of the leaflet:

XR 1ZR 2ZR 3images1

I visited this exhibition just after I’d started module 3 in which we explored spirals and their application to a finished piece [an accessory]. Straightaway I was inspired by Zandra’s use of colour and shape plus the fact that her work is based upon detailed observational sketches. I love the fact that she draws everyday and this is something I’ve tried to aspire to through this module. She works and then reworks her designs and allows the shape of each garment to be informed by the textile. I was interested in how brought spiral patterns into her work sometimes within the printed fabric or as a beautiful beaded decorative finish [information from exhibition video and leaflet]

Some of my own photos from the exhibition:045




Deirdre Hawken, hat maker

dh summary


Sarah Lawrence, Textile artist and tutor.

sl summary

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Composite sheet for accessory

I’ve added this composite sheet to accompany the finished accessory. Please see the previous 2 posts for details of the completed accessory.

comp sheet text

Accessory–some more images!

I realise that I haven’t added the photo of myself working on this project as proof of ID so here it is!


And some more of the turban itself:

005 (2)

002 (4)003 (2)004006 (2)


I also thought of a few more comments I could have made on the evaluation in that I feel the turban fulfils the concept of working with spirals. the turban itself is spiral in nature, along with the addition of the Chinese Knot. The wrapping of the yarn and the weaving were also spiral actions in the making.

This was a joy to make!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Chapter 10 continued. Designing an accessory.

Please refer back to my entry for September 3rd where I posted my preliminary designs for an accessory based on the spiralling design ideas I had already worked on or was yet to invent.

I had previously worked out how I would weave my fabric and introduce the plaited / beaded cord which I planned to use to bring in contrasting colourways through the woven fabrics to be used as a head wrap and Chinese Knot.

036 (2)

I realised that instead of making a long narrow woven fabric on the Hand Weaving Loom I would need to make a very wide strip with a short length in order to achieve the lovely longitudinal sweep 0f cords demonstrated on the previous page.

Further details about this and how I planned to make the fabric are set out on the sheet below:

page 20

The following sheet documents how I wove my fabric and incorporated the plaited / beaded cords


I then had to think again about the length of  fabric required for the Chinese Knot and this is documented below:

page 22

Assembly of the turban style headpiece:

page 23

I have added the above images again below to demonstrate the texture and colours of the turban more clearly with digital photos rather than relying solely on the printed page.

My strips of woven fabric:

:lenths of woven fabric

Front view before the addition of the Chinese Knot:

012 (4)

Rear view:


My completed turban style headpiece:

Front views:

turban 6turban 8

Rear views:

turban 4turban 5

Side views:

turban 3turban 2

Evaluation, costings and health / safety observations:


health and safety

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ch 9 Resolved Sample–final thoughts

Sian asked me if I’d considered the Glasgow Rose when I created the wrapped wire and shell feature and so need add these comments to my blog. I was fortunate enough to visit the Mackintosh collection in Glasgow last year and then a friend of mine brought me back a little momento in the form of a silk Glasgow Rose with the swirling lines. These are so beautiful and so simple and although I didn’t mention this in my work this image was very much on my mind


I also forgot to post details of how I’d mounted my Resolved Sample – see below:

finished fibonnacci fish


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Chapter 9 [Resolved Sample] continued

These are the final stages of my Resolved Sample – please refer back to my post for 27th July which shows the initial stages up to when I sent the work to Sian for review.

Sian affirmed my ideas and offered some really valuable insights:


I was then able to proceed. I have so enjoyed this!









Some of my favourite images:

finished fibonnacci fish 3