Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Chapter 12. Research three artists

In this chapter we have to research and gather images of three artists. These are Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer; Deirdre Hawken, Hat Maker and an artist of our choice. I’ve chosen Sarah Lawrence, Textile Artist and tutor.

Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer

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The exhibition brochure and leaflet:


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The contents of the leaflet:

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I visited this exhibition just after I’d started module 3 in which we explored spirals and their application to a finished piece [an accessory]. Straightaway I was inspired by Zandra’s use of colour and shape plus the fact that her work is based upon detailed observational sketches. I love the fact that she draws everyday and this is something I’ve tried to aspire to through this module. She works and then reworks her designs and allows the shape of each garment to be informed by the textile. I was interested in how brought spiral patterns into her work sometimes within the printed fabric or as a beautiful beaded decorative finish [information from exhibition video and leaflet]

Some of my own photos from the exhibition:045




Deirdre Hawken, hat maker

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Sarah Lawrence, Textile artist and tutor.

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