Sunday, 10 June 2012


An amendment to the title of chapter 9.

Of course I mean the Golden Section!

Chapter 9 The Fibonacci sequence and Golden Circle

We’ve been asked to research and create some samples around the concepts of the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Circle which I have found both fascinating and challenging, this was largely new to me so great to learn something new – I now notice it everywhere!


The first pieces of research:

ch 9 1

ch 9 2

Starting to design by developing a tonal column arranged in tonal and width order making use of the Fibonacci sequence

Samples 1 & 2a

ch 9 3

Sample 2b

ch 9 4

Sample 3.   And then arranged differently….

ch 9 5

Sample 4. A patterned paper and plain paper arranged according to the Fibonacci Sequence


Sample 5. And then cut at right angles and in turn spaced using the Fibonacci sequence


Sample 6 . With strips from previous sample flipped lengthwise


Sample 7. New Fibonacci strip using 5 patterned papers in tonal order and several copies made for following samples

ch 9 6 sample 7a

Sample  7b. And duplicated with dark tonal column from the original in the centre


Sample 8. Previous sample cut into strips and shifted slightly creating a new pattern


Sample 9. Same strips used to create a square design


Sample 10. Taking a previous starting ‘block sample’ and cutting it into strips to be arranged in diagonal [45 degree angle] pattern to make a new design – quite a bit of work here so read on the  image below [sample 10a]

ch 9 7 sample 10a

Sample 10b.Trying to flip alternate strips didn’t give the results I wanted but still interesting!


Sample 10c. Sample 10a was then cut again into diagonal strips to make another pattern

ch 9 sample 10c

Sample 10d. And then into vertical strips…….ch 9 8 sample 10d

Sample 11. A simple example of the Golden Section using patterned papers

ch 9 9 sample 11a

Sample 11b. Same  principle using different patterned papers to reflect original

ch 9 10 sample 11b

Sample 11c. And developed into a composite design…


Sample 11d. I then drew the Golden Section spiral on all four  quarters of the composite design [see working sheet] and then swapped around the pieces cut away from outside for a more diverse pattern.


Working sheets:

ch 9 ws 1ch 9 sw 2ch 9 ws 3ch 9 ws 4ch 9 ws 5

Add-on chapter 8

Sian suggested I find an animal reference for my parallel seam sample 7 in Chapter 8


So……. Another look at the Pell’s owl, this  creature has really captured my imagination and I could use a parallel seam here perhaps.

ch 4 9

Sian also suggested I use a photograph to try and clarify the beads on sample 2 in chapter 8 and great result! Thank you Sian!