Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Module 4 Chapter 3

This is a collection of grids, meshes and nets of various materials which can be used in the process of paper making either stretched in a frame or used alone if stiff enough.

I’m looking forward to incorporating some of these as a decorative element in paper making and embedding them in the paper pulp for added texture as well as developing complex grids to include within the paper and then stitching into them

grid1grid plus 1



Tuesday, 3 February 2015

More images for chapter 2 computer generated lettering patterns

I couldn’t resist, having experimented with Scribbler and made lettering patterns in the previous posting, taking it a little further by cutting up and rearranging the patterns!

I had printed off  the images of the previous post and could see that there were patterns just waiting to be discovered, I was thrilled with the centipede like creature that materialised out of the word message!!

scribbler collages

Monday, 2 February 2015

Module 4 chapter 2 revisited

Sian suggested I add some experiments using the Scribbler drawing tool to my selection of computer generated letters and word patterns.

I used Scribbler a lot for Mod 3 chapter 2b  when I was looking at spirals so it was fun to revisit it to make letter and word patterns

I wrote the word message using the Scribbler tool  and then transferred the image onto Photoshop [Edit - transform] to flip it vertically and horizontally and then to distort the word to stretch out the letters

message scribbler distorted2

I love the effects on Scribbler which give the spidery nature of the letters, I’ve introduced some colour and written in red and black alternatively to give a lovely patterning.

Scribbler_1 pattern