Thursday, 19 December 2013

Chapter 5. Cord making.

This chapter took us through the making of cords using fabric and threads plus a wonderful range of diverse materials in our colour scheme [in my case turquoise and red / orange].

The chapter is divided into 3 sections:

A. Machine stitched cords

B. Twisted cords

C. Knotted, plaited, wrapped methods

 Machine stitched cords

I selected a variety of core materials and contrasting threads to make the machine stitched cords:


I love the effect of the cords together en masse, a wonderful array of contrasting colours and textures:


Twisted cord experiments:


Knotted, plaited and wrapped cords which I found very challenging, I found it helped me to draw the knotting processes. Wonderful effects achieved with the juxtaposition of colour and texture:


The Turks Head Knot. Really challenging but the results are so rewarding:


Plaited cords. It’s fascinating to learn how different materials can bring such diverse effects:


Wrapped cords:


This was a fascinating chapter and, other than the machine stitched cords, many of the techniques were new to me and therefore time consuming as I found some of the workings very challenging. I was pleased to have the  opportunity to learn how to create many beautiful effects using the juxtaposition of colour and texture.


  1. Your cords are looking great Carrie! I'm looking forward to that chapter. I'm still stuck on Chapter 4, but hoping to get back to a routine now I'm feeling better and once Christmas is over.

  2. I love your cords, Carrie, especially the very subtle colours. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope to see you at Summer School