Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chapter 6. Simple Tassels

For this chapter we have to choose yarns, threads and fabric strips from our colour scheme to make a variety of tassels both by hand and using the sewing machine.

Tassels made by hand:




And by machine:


This page is from Tassels The Fanciful Embellishment by Nancy Welch and describes the Chinese Knot which I’ve used in samples 2 and 3

tassel chinese knot015

I have loved this chapter and have been so surprised at the characters I have created in the tassels from simple rustic peasants and gypsy dancers to Irish jiggers. Wonderful.

Time spent – about 13 hours

All materials in stock


  1. I love your tassels Carrie, as you say, they all have great character. Thank you for giving such precise detailed notes on how you made the machine tassels. I haven't had much success with them so far, so I'll try your method to see if it works for me. It's nice to be at the same stage.

  2. Beautiful tassels, Carrie. I'm about to start this chapter and will certainly have a closer look at your work for inspiration