Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Composite sheet for module 1

I’ve decided to do two composite sheets because two shapes seemed to be developing all the way through and both sets seemed to be important to the final resolved piece.DSCF2087

Having decided to concentrate on the cross shape this set of samples takes me from the initial photograph I took which inspired me [a metal gate] though to the line drawing, printed papers and fabrics and then paper shapes and layered paper /fabric shapes  this one with a leaf trapped between layers of net. Next came the printed Bondaweb fused onto sheer fabric.

The complex , insertion stitch [with the simple counterchange]  and reverse applique samples all led me to my final resolved sample.


This second composite sheet demonstrates how the slight variation of the cross shape took me on a similar journey.



It was this photograph of the plane tree bark taken very late on in the module, however, which set me on my final course to my resolved sample.DSCF2036

I’ve put this here because the work I did for my resolved piece is on my July entry – I’d started it and entered work to date on my blog before I went to Summer School and then edited the same  July entry to complete it which meant that the remainder never seemed to come up as new work on my blog.

I’m really pleased to have completed the journey, it’ll be framed very soon.

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  1. Beautiful work Carrie! I love the colours you have used and how you have balanced them. The textures of all the many layers and your clever use of different materials is fascinating. I've gone back and read your July post again and it is so interesting to follow the journey to your beautiful final resolved sample.