Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chapter 5 Make patterned papers

I’ve made a series of patterned papers using  printing ink [Daler Block Printing Colour] and bleach used with Quink Ink. These were applied with various ‘tools or applicators'’ for printing  including strips of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cotton bud, polystyrene,  pen lids, dental floss and cocktail sticks.

Ink marks

ch 5 1ch 5 2

These two pages above  contain experiments on paper for starters to try out various applicators for printing and mark making.

The pages below demonstrate printed patterns, please click on images for a close up and added comments

ch 5 3

Strips of corrugated cardboard

ch 5 4

cotton bud

ch 5 5

Corrugated card and edge of pelmet vilene

ch 5 6

Corrugated card

ch 5 xtra print

Strip of polystyrene

ch 5 7

I printed this with corrugated card and left over cold water dye from chapter 6 – one of my favourites – I love the rhythm and varying intensity of tone.

ch 5 8

Cold water dye applied with a roller

Bleach and Quink Ink

ch 5 9ch 5 10

ch 5 11


ch 5 12

Monoprint samples, experiments with various ‘tools’ acrylic paint spread over glass and pattern made with ‘tool’, paper laid over top and roller used to compress paper and develop print. Paper peeled off to reveal print. Absolutely wonderful! Really love this.

ch 5 13

Polystyrene strip

ch 5 14

Piece of card

ch 5 15

Piece of corrugated card

ch 5 17

Monoprint using cold water dye

ch 5 18

Alternative technique: acrylic paint spread over glass and paper laid on top. Pattern made with end of paintbrush afterwards and paper peeled off.

ch 5 19ch 5 20

Working sheets for Chapter 5

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