Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer School 2012

Under the guidance of our tutor Sandra Meech we used painted, torn and cut papers and fabrics to make our own collaged compositions which were transferred onto fabric
Then our painted papers and colour and black and white photocopies were washed with Brusho paints before being ripped, torn and stitched used to make a stitch bound book according to the personal themes we’d chosen.
I’m delighted with mine and have been wanting to do something like this for a long time. The subject I chose was very evocative for me as I have many happy memories associated with it,
My subject was my Godmother’s Old garden Door which stood in the garden of her old farmhouse on the top of the Mendip Hills in Somerset which I used to run through back and forth  when I was little. This door no longer exists sadly and has been replaced by a polished new one! So I have photos of my brother’s garden door as he lives next door to the original so the local stone is featured and I have the garden doors in my local park in Brighton. It seems to me that all garden doors hold their own mystery and wonder.
My Godmother was an artist but suffering from Parkinson’s disease she lost the use of her hands towards the end of her life but undaunted she told me that she could still paint with words and she left us with two published books of poems and her personal memoirs
These are the two poems I’ve used as the theme for my book:
poem the old garden doorpoem garden of my life cropped
Here are some of my favourite ages from my book:


  1. Your book is beautiful Carrie. You obviously have enjoyed using colour after all the black and white of Module 2! It is very satisfying to work on something which is so meaningful for you.

  2. Thanks Catherine. We missed you at Summerschool, hope all is well with you? You're making great progress with your module 2 - enjoying mine too and time to get back into a proper routine after Summerschool and holiday!
    C X

  3. Your god mother's lovely poem records her life full of rural memories that are so descriptive and personally meaningful for you. The doorway is a poignant symbol of the passing of life's stages. You have incorporated all these things beautifully in your fascinating book. I've posted something on my blog which might interest you. Sian

    1. Thank you Sian. I also have an autograph book kept by my grandmother when she was nursing during the 1st world war full of soldiers' comments and drawings. I need to concentrate on my C&G now but it would be w'ful to scan it into the computer and use the images and writings in a similar way.
      She was my godmother's mother and she too was extremely creative. Carrie

  4. Thanks for sharing,I realised that in the rush to go and see the other group's work I never saw ours.It works beautifully and will be a lovely personal reminder.I have a connection to Compton Martin too, my great great grandmother and her family lived in the area!

  5. What a wonderful book Carrie. That book really needs to be filled with good memories and poems from the heart. Its truly beautiful.
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