Sunday, 16 December 2012

Further ideas for 3D embroidered item

Sian has come back to me with some ideas for ensuring that my collar sit at the neck and shoulders effectively and comfortably, she rightly pointed out that my last entry didn’t portray this and that I hadn’t shown my calico sample. I should also clarify that this is a detached collar and won’t be joined to the garment underneath. I’ve shown it here with a favourite black dress, I felt the garment worn underneath should be long and fairly full in the skirt to balance the shape of the collar itself.

I looked again at my calico sample and realised that I wasn’t totally happy with the drape in that it buckled at the nape of the neck.

I decided therefore that I could try 2 ideas to modify the shape.

Firstly I thought I’d make slits at the centre back and at each shoulder and add feather inserts as a feature to fill the space [I like this effect]. These inserts would be inserted where the upper collar is stitched to the lower collar. I like this  as it’s simple and as Sian pointed out a simple shape will be complimented by the richly decorated/stitched patterned fabric. I thought I might soften the shape of the front collar by rounding the shape of the lower lapel but have decide to keep the sharpness as this will be complimented by the pointed feather shapes which I plan to insert throughout the lower collar as mentioned in my last entry.


OR secondly I could cut the lower collar into pieces as shown which would allow the collar to splay around the neckline of my dress. This is fine with the right side of the collar in view as the fabric can be cut according to the piecing of the fabric feather shapes but would create complications for the reverse side which doesn’t lend itself in the same way to being separated without being re-designed. This would make the project quite overly complicated



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  1. How clever to make a design feature out of a disadvantage Carrie. I like both your ideas but especially the feathered one. Look forward to seeing its progress.