Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In retrospect chapter 1

Sian suggested I look at the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh as the images may link in with my ideas around the rose; I was in Glasgow last autumn and was lucky enough to visit take a photo at the Hunterian museum and the Willow Tearooms


I also keep a stock of cards and found these:

examples spiral designs

Sian also suggested I look more closely at different types of spirals, how they’re formed and then relate these to some of my examples.

2D rotational spirals. 2D is defined as an object rendered visually in 2 planes representing width and height whilst rotational is defines as turning around a centre or axis. Sounds obvious but it helped me to clarify! I can see this in the blue beautiful drain cover I photographed in Barcelona [page 2] and the earrings on page 4. also the paper patterned coil on page 11

Equilateral spiral. Based on equilateral triangles and I can see this in the rose images on page 1 and the paper patterned spiral  page 13

Archimedes spiral. The simple coil seen in the fern frond on page 1 and the rafia mat on page 3.

Helix 3D. examples include the cabbage on page 1, staircase on page 6 and the ammonite on page 3.

Running spirals. Fern frond on page 1 and brooch page 2.

Linked spirals. Linked spiral paper on page 11

Spirals made from crescents.  I thought maybe the garden ornament on page 4

This has helped me appreciate the diversity of spiral patterns and shapes.

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