Monday, 5 January 2015

Module 4. Chapter one

The theme for this module is media, lettering and writing forms plus re-cycling of media items.

Chapter one is all about media research and we have to start by collecting media items such as paper, stamps, envelopes, pens etc.

I have arranged a collection of items to do with communication, correspondence and sending messages within the media including postcards, brown paper, corrugated card, stamps, paperclips and string:


For many years I’ve collected stamps from across the world, I was delighted to use them here. I’m impressed by their beauty, colour ways, and the repeated patterns / negative spaces they offer. The blue and orange of the stamps are very effective against the buff of the envelopes and I’ve used a buff coloured sketchbook to highlight this contrast


Envelopes and their insides! Flaps open up to reveal patterns within plus the lovely repeated shapes they give when the open flaps are placed alongside one another.


We were asked to look at items of stationery and structures which we might consider making as the final embroidered piece for this module . They need to be simple in shape and have a large flat area suitable for an embroidered surface.

I’ve included: from the top and then clockwise  a concertina file case, a photo album with laced hard cover, a little concertina book which opens into a star shape, another type of photo album, a letter rack [I’ve always loved these].


Detail of lovely little concertina book:


I always keep a journal on holiday and this year we were in New York and Boston. The book I used lost its binding so I’ve stored the journal in a box with some images and paraphernalia from the holiday  within. I’m thinking I’d love to develop this idea:


Below is a collection of different types of lettering from newspapers, magazines, packaging. I’ve enjoyed looking at how we use lettering to to get our message across effectively in serious, sophisticated and fun filled ways. The alphabet collection of differently styled letters demonstrates the variety of colour and shape. It was fun to turn words and letters upside down and in a jumble to see  different shapes and to notice patterns / negative shapes.

lettering 1lettering 2

I also explored beautiful lettering from by-gone days, these are very beautiful, elaborate and formal with great attention to detail. These examples are taken from precious books handed down within my family plus inscriptions from the backs of old photos which I’ve scanned into the computer.

old text

We have language students staying with us most of the time [hence my collection of foreign stamps] but our lovely Korean visitor was pleased to write some of her alphabet for me. I’ve also added some Spanish, Chinese and Turkish script which I don’t understand but the patterns are intriguing.foreign text

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  1. This is a great topic. I made some ATCs before Chrsitmas on the theme of postage stamps and really enjoyed that. I swapped and got some from USA and Canada so I got to look at some of their stamps too.