Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Further experiments with North American Smocking for chapter 6

My last set of samples of North American smocking revealed an interesting pattern on the reverse which seemed to resemble patterns on the Ivy Clad Ditch research photos in chapter 1.

Sian suggested I try making samples combining the front and reverse patterns on one side of the fabric. Great minds think alike as these had been my thoughts too! So glad Sian suggested it.

These are my trials:
Lattice patterning:
Sample 1 shows two rows of reverse and two rows of the right side stitching
Sample 2 shows alternate rows of reverse and right side stitching

More lattice patterning:
Sample 3: Alternate stitching along the rows. I worked a stitch and then flipped it over to work the next on the other side.
Sample 4 : An alternate simplified  form of lattice stitch 
Lozenge patterning:
Sample 5: Lozenge pattern [right side]
Sample 6: Lozenge pattern - alternate rows of right side and reverse side stitching.

Lozenge stitch reverse:

I thought it would be fun to lay some of these samples against the original research in chapter 1

I enjoyed this and can see interesting tonal shapes and patterns which may be wonderful in later stages when I start to pull ideas together. I'm thinking ahead to stitching and maybe introducing some needle weaving along the threads on the reverse sides to add texture at a later stage.

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