Sunday, 17 March 2013

Artist of my own choice

Whilst researching blackwork I came across the work of Sue Kirby in one of my Embroidery magazines [vol 53, Sept. 2002].

The article said that Sue worked as a solicitor in London and commuted to work every day [a 2 hour journey] and that as long as she had a seat she used the time to embroider. She worked an Elizabethan set of embroideries in blackwork including the one shown below.

This beautiful piece of work shows all the tonal qualities of blackwork  which we looked at earlier in this 2nd module.




  1. So interesting to read about Sue Kirkby. I hadn't heard of her but her work is just beautiful. What dedication and concentration to produce such exquisite work while travelling on a train!

  2. Exquisite work and I can't imagine just how time-consuming it must be to produce embroidery of such a high standard.