Saturday, 23 March 2013

Timing and costing of design work and finished piece

Date when design work was started  30.11.12 Completed 16.12.2012
Date when embroidered item was started   11.12.2012  completed 28.02.2013
Add up all the whole hours you have recorded in your diary:
Total number of hours spent working on the design work  27.25 hours and embroidery hours 75.75 hours


Black drawing pen £2.20

Paper £1.50

Card 50p

Printing cartridge refill £10

Fabric paint x2 2.99

Black dye x2 £3.99

Salt x2 79p

Threads [machine thread £3.39], metallic embroidery thread £9.24

Stranded hand embroidery thread x4 @ £1.55 = £6.20

Machine sewing needles £2.57

White linen fabric estimated at £8.50 [given to me by my godmother

Black cotton fabric £4.99

Pelmet vilene 50p

Chiffon scarves and bag of black beads [black and white] 50p each from a boot fair

black and white netting £1.59

Total: £57.35

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