Saturday, 9 January 2016

Chapter 8 continued

I promised to add the paper leaves embeddinto scrim. These were strightforward to make as shapes described in chapter4 in my 4th batch of papers [positive and negative shapes]. I just held the piece of scrim under the PVC so that the scrim entrapped the pulp. these are in their raw state and I could stitch into these later.

leaf paper and fabric

letter fabric and paper Yletter N paper and fabric

This was my attempt to capture the forest floor previosly and I wondered if I could improve it by embedding letters and leaves onto scrim

sample 8

Letters and leaves embedded onto scrim with added running stitch to define shapes

forest floor 2

Still not sure! And the paper proved fragile to stitch into despite fabric backing. I need to think again!

I experimented with using letters and leaves as view finders and was pleased with the results and will experiment more by making the view finders out of my own hand made paper:


Here is one using handmade paper:

american oakleaf 2






I’m interested in incorporating these leaves [pages] in my book in some way.

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  1. I love your viewfinders Carrie. They fool the eye to start with as I was sure the stitching was sticking up from the paper and wondered how you did it. Somehow the underneath layer looks much more intense and significant when only part of it is seen.