Monday, 21 August 2017

Chapter 4 continued

Having investigated the technical properties of my collection of fabric types in the first part of the chapter I've used knowledge gleaned to produce an experimental collection of edges which have been further developed into decorative bands.
I played around with different strip widths and edging effects depending upon the nature of the fabric. I really enjoyed this piece of work - lots of surprises which were exciting and inspiring!

Mix of natural and man made fabrics - please refer to the chart below

And more:

During my tutorial at Summer School Sian suggested I fray more samples and layer them for added effect. Really love these samples especially the silk muslin - sample 1. So beautiful.
See below:

And then fraying on the bias, layering, gathering and threading: 

Close up:

Some of the samples took on a similarity to my research pages in the first chapter:

Close up: 

Finally I added some layering with strips of man made fabrics slashed or penetrated with a soldering iron:

It was important to observe safety precautions with these samples as melting these fabrics emitted noxious fumes [ I worked in a very well ventilated work space as well as taking care to prop the heat tool up carefelly to prevent accidents.

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