Monday, 21 August 2017

Distant Stitch Certificate Embroidery Module 5 Chapter 4

Fabric Investigation

This chapter asks that we start by making a collection of different types of fabric in white or natural colours and identify them in terms of the fabric type [fibre content] and description of their structure e.g. thick, thin, see through, stretchy etc.

I started with cottons, cotton loose weaves and even weaves.

Followed by Woollen and silk fabrics:

Man made fabrics:

Support fabrics:


The next task was to note how a selection from each category behaved on:

  •  crumpling, 
  • comparison of hold or stretch along the straight grain or bias, 
  • nature of the frayed edge, on both the straight grain and the bias.
I made a chart to document these starting with cottons:

And silks:

And woollen:

And Man made:


And last but not least Support fabrics:
Tricky to photograph but top headings should read rug mesh, Bondaweb, iron on Vilene, Solufleece, Decovil and Stitch 'n tear.


Here are some experimental samples - please cross reference with the chart above for more information.

Fraying the straight grain and on the bias.
Firstly cotton and silk:

                                                   And man made:

                                                    Experiments with burning [cottons]


Man made:

Support fabrics:

Nets and woollens:

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