Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Chapter 6. Tucks and pleats and gathers

This chapters is all about tucks, pleats and gathers and the many ways in which we can experiment with different ways of tucking, pleating and gathering a piece of fabric.

A tuck is stitched along it's length
A pleat is pressed into shape
A gather is pulled along a thread, stick or ribbon.

The following pages show how I have investigated these methods.
I have so enjoyed this chapter - so many surprises and gorgeous effects as I worked my way through the chapter's contents. So inspiring. Thank you Sian!
I've used a wide variety of fabrics and threads to demonstrate how different textural and tonal effects
can be achieved and tried to use my imagination to create a diverse set of samples.

Tucks first:
Looking at various methods, each method is labelled and spans over 13 samples:

This sample shows a selection of tuck methods combined every which way!

Gathering techniques:

In experimenting with gathering techniques I've used a variety of hand and machine techniques to achieve many effects. I haven't, however, been able to find a gathering or pleating machine for this section but hopefully this selection will suffice.

A selection of gathering techniques attached to a background fabric and worked to show textural and tonal effects:

Below are samples whereby different weights of fabric have been joined and gathered and then fashioned into a circular shape. I love this sample and feel it is beautiful inn it's own right.

Following on from the gathering methods we now move on to the use of stitching both by hand and machine to demonstrate the holding and decoration of gathers.
The next samples look at smocking firstly on scrim and then a more delicate tana lawn. I especially enjoyed working the irregular cable stitch on sample b.whilst thinking of the ridges and channels in the ditches in chapters 1 and 3.

A variety of fabrics stitched together and gathered before being placed on a separate background fabric and then decorated with enhancing machined satin stitch

Further gathering methods:

The use of buttons, beads, shells etc to add more delight!

I have so enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for the next to take these techniques further.

I have another image to add showing North American smocking but will have to postscript as it has failed to download

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  1. What a fabulous set of samples Carrie! I particularly like the last two with buttons, beads and shells. I can't wait to get onto this chapter - looks like fun.